Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yellow Roses

I live in Texas, so yes, it does seem obvious when I say I love yellow roses considering the song and all.  However, I think they have a special sweetness and honest beauty to them.  Red roses are just too traditional for me.  I'm really not much of a rose person in general, but I have a special place in my heart for yellow roses.  I didn't quite inherit my father's green thumb either, so having any live roses around is out of the question.  My solution for providing myself the needed happy eye candy of yellow roses has come in the form of faux handmade lovelies like the ones below.

These roses look so realistic, but they're actually pretty soaps.  I imagine these being placed on a pretty aqua colored dish in a shabby chic guest bath.  Satin and Birch has soap unlike anything I've ever seen.

There's this sweet ponytail holder in my shop right now.  It's made from vintage fabric I inherited from my crafty great-grandmother.

 Sweet and innocent, perfectly describes the dresses by my friend Makayla's Creations.  They remind me of the handmade frilly princess dresses I wore as a kid.

 Knock Knocking has a shop filled with super cute yarn wreaths like this one.  I'm loving that the roses are made of felt, which is one of my favorite mediums.

I love the look of chiffon flowers and fascinator headbands.  Thanks to Vie Moderne there's a perfect combination of the two available on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy this sunny little taste of Spring!

♥ Stephanie

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