Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Work In Progress: Resin


I haven't made resin in a long time, but last week I decided it was about time I jumped in and experimented again.  This is my first attempt at coloring resin and using this mold.  I think the colors turned out beautiful, bright aqua, pale seafoam, and mauve.  All of them have a top color of pale shimmery aqua.  Some have a second layer of bright turquoise, white, or cotton candy pink.  A few have a third layer of white.  Here's an in the mold picture.

This picture was taken before I poured the white.   I had some trouble getting them out of the mold, even with two coats of mold release.  I think the mold release was actually holding them in, so next time I'm skipping it.  Also the colors extended the drying time because I used a little much.  Note to self: find a better way to get just a tiny bit of color in.  Here's some more pictures of the unmolded cabochons.

I still need to sand the back edges and drill holes in some.  I'm not sure what all these will become, but I'll update you when I figure it out.

♥ Stephanie

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