Friday, March 26, 2010

Fungi Forest

I'm starting to work on some ideas featuring mushrooms for my own shop, like the Woodland Mushroom necklace above, so I thought I would share some other fungi items I found on Etsy.

I have to buy this mushrooms of the world tee shirt from Critter Jitters! The colors and design are just perfect, and the price is pretty reasonable at just $20.  They also have a warm colored version available.

These postcards are so adorable, I would probably hang them in my daughter's room.  Also another nice example of variety in the mushroom world.  You can find these and other adorable and geeky items in Scientific Culture's Etsy shop.

If you embroider, A Little Sweetness has just the right pattern for you.  I love the little hedgehog at the bottom!  She has lots of cute mushroom themed embroidery patterns in her shop.

 I love Corrabelle's hand carved stamps.  Melvin the Mushroom is just one of many forest themed stamps available in her shop.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to the woods to visit some fungal friends!

♥ Stephanie

P.S. Please let me know if you have any theme ideas for favorites posts.  I'm always on the lookout for inspiration.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cowtown Indie Bazaar

Etsy Fort Worth will be having their first ever Cowtown Indie Bazaar on September 4, 2010.  They are now accepting vendor applications and sponsors.  The event will be held at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX.  Please visit the site for more info, applications, and sponsorship levels.

I will be participating in this event, so check back here for updates, featured vendors, sneak previews of my booth, and more.

♥ Stephanie

Sunday, March 21, 2010

EFW Grayscale Love

For this installment of Robot Pop favorites I thought I would stray from my adoration of bright bold colors a little bit and feature some of the talent of Etsy Fort Worth in grayscale.  There were so many wonderful and diverse items to pick from it was hard to choose just a few.  Above is an image of my Ash Rose Cocktail Ring, which is currently available in my Etsy shop.  Below are my favorites featuring shades of white, gray, black, silver, and everything in between.

First up we have the inspiration for this whole thing, the Mood Swing necklace from Casey's Clutter.  Let everyone know how you really feel by changing out the black and white text to one of four included buttons that feature emotions.  Total genius!

 It's okay to be the black sheep with this adorable Little Lamb soap from Annie's Powder Room.  I have a few bars of her soap, and trust me it smells amazing!

 Sweethead makes gorgeous headbands with feathers, rhinestones, sequins, and ribbon, like this sophisticated gray beauty.  I love how the gray feathers give it a pretty understated vintage look.

 Searching for an apron to remind you of a bygone era?  Hearts and Home has these full length bib aprons for the young and young at heart, as well as, a selection of girls dresses, aprons, and civil war era costume pieces.

Emma Alison Designs makes jewelry that's perfect for a date night, or any time you want to feel extra special.  These Blossoming Branch earrings are one of my favorite items in her shop.  I'm in love with the simple elegance of the organically shaped metal.  These would look great with the headband featured above.

If you would like to see more work from the creative minds of Etsy Fort Worth please head over to Etsy and search Team Fort Worth.   Or just click that link because I already did all the hard work for you.  Thanks for visiting!

♥ Stephanie

Monday, March 15, 2010

Work in Progress: Crochet Cuff

Ok, so I'm starting to get back into crochet again.  I don't have a ton of time to work on big projects right now, so I needed to come up with something that would be quick, but also show off the pretty yarn I have in abundance.  My solution=crochet jewelry.  I haven't gotten very far, but here's a cuff I've worked up so far.

It is made from hand dyed, hand spun wool yarn in pink, green/aqua, brown with red or green angelina, and cream.  The pink and green/aqua feels soft and smooth, the brown is a little bit rougher, and the cream is really thick and thin and nubby.  This one was sort of a happy accident.  It went from me wanting it to be a hat to a scarf to a pendant necklace to a statement necklace to a cuff.  I think it worked out for the best.

 I crocheted simple circles from the different colored sections of the yarn(yes, this was all one ball), then attached them by crocheting around the edges with the cream yarn.  I also used the cream yarn to close up the cuff and the holes between the circles.  I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to add a few vintage buttons.  Opinions?  Also still undecided on whether or not I want to sell it.  I love the funky shape!  I have another similar ball of yarn in the same colorway, so theoretically I could make another similar cuff.

I can't wait to make more crochet jewelry, especially now that I rediscovered a lot of my wonderful yarn stash hiding in the closet.  Look for more fiber based jewelry in the shop soon!

♥ Stephanie

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funky Finds Spring Fling

The Funky Finds Spring Fling will be here this Saturday, March 13th, and I can hardly contain my excitement!  I won't be there as a vendor, but I will be doing all I can to support my lovely Team Fort Worth friends.  It is from 9am-3pm(or later) at Will Rogers.  Please visit us and frolic with me in a sea of craftiness!  Below are reasons you NEED to be there:

1. Join in on the Team Fort Worth scavenger hunt and get an awesome handmade tote for shopping, but you have to be one of the first 50 to turn in your card.

2. Be one of the first 50 visitors to purchase 5 raffle tickets from Funky Finds and get a neat swag bag filled with goodies from Team Fort Worth.  Including stuff from Robot Pop made special just for the swag bags.  Here's a sneaky peek, shhh:

3. You get to hang out with a bunch of cool crafty people from Team Fort Worth, as well as, lots of other local artists and crafters.

4. There will be music and food.

5. The event is pet friendly.  There will even be animal adoptions at the event.

6. It's totally FREE to come!

More info and directions are on the official website for Funky Finds!  Hope to see you there!

♥ Stephanie

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yellow Roses

I live in Texas, so yes, it does seem obvious when I say I love yellow roses considering the song and all.  However, I think they have a special sweetness and honest beauty to them.  Red roses are just too traditional for me.  I'm really not much of a rose person in general, but I have a special place in my heart for yellow roses.  I didn't quite inherit my father's green thumb either, so having any live roses around is out of the question.  My solution for providing myself the needed happy eye candy of yellow roses has come in the form of faux handmade lovelies like the ones below.

These roses look so realistic, but they're actually pretty soaps.  I imagine these being placed on a pretty aqua colored dish in a shabby chic guest bath.  Satin and Birch has soap unlike anything I've ever seen.

There's this sweet ponytail holder in my shop right now.  It's made from vintage fabric I inherited from my crafty great-grandmother.

 Sweet and innocent, perfectly describes the dresses by my friend Makayla's Creations.  They remind me of the handmade frilly princess dresses I wore as a kid.

 Knock Knocking has a shop filled with super cute yarn wreaths like this one.  I'm loving that the roses are made of felt, which is one of my favorite mediums.

I love the look of chiffon flowers and fascinator headbands.  Thanks to Vie Moderne there's a perfect combination of the two available on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy this sunny little taste of Spring!

♥ Stephanie

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Work In Progress: Resin


I haven't made resin in a long time, but last week I decided it was about time I jumped in and experimented again.  This is my first attempt at coloring resin and using this mold.  I think the colors turned out beautiful, bright aqua, pale seafoam, and mauve.  All of them have a top color of pale shimmery aqua.  Some have a second layer of bright turquoise, white, or cotton candy pink.  A few have a third layer of white.  Here's an in the mold picture.

This picture was taken before I poured the white.   I had some trouble getting them out of the mold, even with two coats of mold release.  I think the mold release was actually holding them in, so next time I'm skipping it.  Also the colors extended the drying time because I used a little much.  Note to self: find a better way to get just a tiny bit of color in.  Here's some more pictures of the unmolded cabochons.

I still need to sand the back edges and drill holes in some.  I'm not sure what all these will become, but I'll update you when I figure it out.

♥ Stephanie

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello, friends!  Welcome to the new Robot Pop blog.  I hope you will enjoy your visit(s) here.  The plan is to share with you an inside look at my work, the work of my friends, and bits from my daily life.  There will predominately be info on all things Robot Pop, including newly listed items, works in progress, sales, discount codes, contests, and more.  Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around!

♥ Stephanie